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Affiliate Program with Red Star Tec

Join our affiliate program and start earning commissions today! By partnering with us, you'll have the opportunity to promote our high-quality presentation remotes to your audience and earn competitive commissions for every sale you generate.

What is the Red Star Tec Affiliate program?

Our Affiliate program enables individuals or organizations to join and promote Red Star Tec products and gain commissions from every item sale through your own affiliate link.

Define a variety of affiliates

  • Forums
  • Blogs
  • Publishers
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Review Sites
  • Media Buyers
  • Affiliate Network


How do I earn commission?
Sign up for the affiliate program on our website We will provide you affiliate links and once a customer uses the same link to purchase one of our products, you will get a 20% commission.
How does the affiliate program work ?
After joining our affiliate program, you'll receive unique affiliate links. When someone makes a purchase through your link within a 14-day attribution window, you'll earn a 20% commission.
How do I join the affiliate program?
Please complete the application form on our website to provide your details. Once submitted, we will send you an invitation to the platform where you can track your affiliate links.
Who can join the affiliate program ?
We welcome a diverse range of affiliates, including but not limited to forums, blogs, publishers, social media influencers, review sites, and media buyers.
Is there a cost to join the affiliate program?
It's absolutely free with no hidden charges.
How much commission do affiliates earn ?
20 % commision for every item that is purchased using their affiliate links.
When do affiliates get paid?What's the payment method payout?
We use a 3rd party tool to manage and track our affiliate program.It handles all commission payments to affiliates on our behalf. Commissions are paid out 30 days after the end of the month in which the conversion occurred. For example, if a conversion happened on July 20th, your commission for that conversion would be paid out on September 1st.
Are there any restrictions on promotional methods?
To ensure fairness in our affiliate program, the following promotional methods are prohibited:
  1. Hidden/False Links: Concealing links under other content or using illegal methods to alter the target user link.
  2. Simulated Purchase Patterns: Creating programs or scripts to mimic genuine purchase behavior.
  3. Persistent Pop-ups: Utilizing constant pop-ups and full-screen pop-ups.
  4. Negative Advertising: Using defamatory or misleading information about competitors to promote Red Star Tec products.
  5. Search Engine Links: Placing links directly in search engines, including but not limited to Yahoo, Google, and Bing.
  6. Deceptive Clicks: Tricking people into clicking on links.
  7. Spamming:Sending unsolicited emails or messages to potential customers promoting Red Star Tec products.
  8. Misleading Websites: Creating websites that appear to be official Red Star Tec sites to mislead users into making purchases.
  9. Unauthorized Advertising: Promoting Red Star Tec products through unauthorized channels, such as adult websites, gambling sites, or other inappropriate platforms.
  10. Violation of Terms: Any actions that breach the Red Star Tec Affiliate Program terms.
Can affiliates promote multiple products?
Yes, affiliates can promote multiple products.
What products are eligible for promotion through your affiliate program ?
For now, we have our PR-820 and PR-819V remote models but we are planning to add more products in the future.
What is the technology behind the tracking ?
We are using Amazon attribution through a 3rd party platform.
Can affiliates track their performance and earnings in real-time?
Yes, Once you've signed up for our affiliate program, you'll receive access to our 3rd party platform to track your affiliate links.
What happens if a customer I referred returns a product ?
The sale will be refunded in full to the customer and so no commission will be payable. Red Star Tec will cover all the fees associated with the refund.
Are there any terms or conditions that affiliates need to agree to before joining the program?
Yes, please check out this link to see the full Terms and Conditions for our Affiliate program.


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