Using presentation clickers with smart boards

by Christian Asare on August 01, 2023

Are you looking for an exciting way to engage your students during presentations? Look no further; using a presentation clicker with smart boards is the perfect solution! Presentation clickers are becoming increasingly popular in classrooms, and for good reason. With the help of these handy devices, teachers can keep their classes engaged without needing to worry about attending multiple screens or having too many remote tools at once. Plus, they offer plenty of other benefits such as easy navigation through slides, accessibility options for non-verbal communication, and even real-time formative feedback from students. Read on to learn more about how a presentation clicker can be used effectively with smart boards in the classroom.


How smart boards work

Smart boards are interactive whiteboards that allow presentations, discussions, and other activities to be conducted in an engaging way. Using a presentation clicker with them is an easy and effective way to deliver a dynamic lesson plan or lecture. The presenter simply needs to place their finger on the ‘clicker’ button of the pen they’re holding while moving around the board. This action sends signals to the smart board which then advances or turns back slide after each gesture made by the presenter. Presentation clickers also feature fingertip access controls that make navigating through slides fast and efficient for everyone in attendance. Additionally, some devices offer accessibility options for those who may need additional assistance when it comes to non-verbal communication like signing language or braille reading functions. Lastly, customers can rest assured knowing that whatever formatting changes needed are done in real-time regardless of where participants are located geographically – providing convenience without sacrificing quality output!


Why using a presentation clicker can make teaching easier in schools and colleges

Using a presentation clicker is an easy and effective way to deliver presentations in schools and colleges. By using the presentation clicker with smart boards, teachers can ensure smooth navigating through slides so that no part of the content goes missing during their lecture. Presentation clickers are especially beneficial for multitasking as it allows teachers to access different elements on the same page such as playing audio or video clips along with displaying text or images accurately. Moreover, this device offers advanced accessibility options like switch control which helps non-verbal students participate in class activities without any difficulty. Furthermore, real-time formats enable efficient data compilations making teaching easier and interesting with minimal efforts.

The ability to add multimedia components such as soundtracks, videos or animations that enhance learning experiences makes using a presentation clicker even more useful for fostering student engagement, particularly during online classes where visuals can be more impactful than verbal instructions alone! Additionally, presenting data over graphs and models also become simpler as they provide interactive tools like laser pointers which allow teachers to explain intricate details quickly while addressing important topics at once. Above all this device acts as a great time saver enabling flexible pacing of lessons in an organized manner reducing teacher fatigue significantly in classrooms today!


Choosing a Presentation Remote

When selecting a presentation remote for use with your smart board, make sure to consider all of the features that it offers. These devices come in a variety of styles, ranging from basic selectors to rechargeable remotes with built-in audio and video capability. Some clickers may also feature multiple user profiles so teachers can switch between their own slides and those of their students. Other components include backlit displays for easily navigating slides in dimly lit spaces, variable response times for quick custom changes during presentations, and an ergonomic design that fits well in your hand.

Finally, before you purchase any device check reviews online or speak to fellow professionals who already have one - ask them about their overall experience with the product as this will give you helpful insight on what type might be best suited for your needs. By making sure that you get quality equipment alongside great usability features like extensive range connection support and easy setup procedures, your classroom will become more engaging than ever!